Camp Multimedia

Course Content

Camp Multimedia is about digital immersion using state-of-the-art technology in a great environment with peers. Students can learn...

  • Animation introduces students to the powerful 2D animation tool Flash, the 3D animation tool After Effects, and the drawing tool Illustrator, all part of Adobe's Creative Suite. Students learn how to tell stories through animation and integrate animation software across platforms. They learn how to go from concept to building the project and posting it on YouTube.
  • Video Game Design allows students to work with readily available software (Construct2) to create basic video games via the mechanics and logic of computer programming without having to learn unique programming languages. Students will conceive projects, use drag-and-drop programming interfaces, and account for user experiences in game design.
  • Advanced Video Game Design is a limited-enrollment sequence is designed for students who have already taken Game Design. Students will each receive a Raspberry Pi computer with which to program their own stand-alone Minecraft server.
  • Video Podcasting will allow students to work as part of a project team to create short-form videos that can be made available online. Students in this group will be exposed to both video shooting and editing equipment, particularly Adobe Premiere Pro, while developing a collaborative project.

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